Praying For Fruit

Fruit Filled Orange Tree in Rome

This morning we are on our way for 9 weeks of ministry in Ghana.

We’re asking that God make it fruitful.
We can’t wait to see our friends there. I feel like I know a little of what Paul felt when he was away from the believers he had shared so much with. We miss our family and church here, but we are so anxious to see how those we met in the last few years are doing in their walk with Jesus.

Please pray for Africa.
God is at work there in a dynamic way. The door is wide open for the Gospel and people are hungry for hope.

Remember the girls taken by Boko Harem. It has been almost 5 months now.

Hold up those in Nigeria, Liberia, and wherever else Ebola has traveled.

I may not be able to read many of your posts because we put in very long days and rarely find Internet in the North, but I’ll catch up with you when I can.

God bless you friends 😉


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