Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Have you ever loved and been loved by a dog?
There’s a beautiful thing, a thing we should learn from dogs.

Every encounter is fresh, like it’s the first.

    They don’t collect relationship baggage.
    They don’t keep score.
    They don’t hide their feelings and vulnerability.
    A dog is all in, all the time.

It’s been over three years since my dog died and one of the things I miss the most is her enthusiastic greeting when I crossed the threshold.
When you have a dog, every time you come home it’s like you’ve been gone for weeks.
The tail chasing gleeful dance was her way of saying, it’s you I’ve been waiting for!!!
The exuberance, the joy is so affirming and honestly, so touching.

    With dogs there’s no holding a grudge when we keep them waiting.
    They never pout because we were running late and didn’t say goodbye.
    It’s not in their nature to withhold love because we didn’t offer it first.
    They don’t seem to remember our misdeeds or scoldings, if they do, they don’t retaliate in kind.
dog on threshold
I want to see you the very second you come in to view.
dog on threshold
Maybe you’re coming from this way today.

This little guy captured my attention as we walked through Rome one afternoon.
He was waiting there on the threshold for someone. Not just anyone. He couldn’t be distracted from his vigil. Inside the shop I was told he was waiting for his mistress to return. He accompanies her every day to the shop. He’s a Shop Dog. But that day she had to see the doctor, and no dogs were allowed in the office.
He’d been there since she left and wouldn’t move until she came into view at the end of the little narrow cobbled lane. Back and forth he turned his head, first to the right then to the left. His ears on alert, attentive for her footsteps. His nose sampling the air for a hint of her unique scent.

She was loved by a little ‘Yoda looking’ dog.
His anticipation visible on his sweet face as he stood watch on the threshold for her, only for her.


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