the strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice. – george eliot

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Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. when i was little my neighbor went with his family to visit the painted desert far away in the exotic land of arizona i was so excited for him and a little bit jealous and i ran to…

Recycling Inspired Art Project For Kids

  Ready for a geography project with the kids? This is a world map by UK artist Susan Stockwell for Bedfordshire University’s Luton Campus. She used recycled computer components to create it. Americans are notoriously BAD at geography and map making is a great way to help kids learn what’s where on planet earth. It […]

When I Pray Like A Toddler God Still Hears

  Today I had a revelation in my prayer time.   I kept drifting off topic. Roaming around my invisible prayer list and touching each person or need like a toddler playing with toys strewn across the floor. And moving from praying to just thinking! Forgetting altogether that I was having a conversation with God […]

Experience The Beauty And Peace Of Resting In The Lord

Ever gone to make a call and found your cell battery has died?   It’s happened to me several times. Murphy’s Law dictates that I never have a charger cord with me when I absolutely need it most. That never happens to us as believers. The Holy Spirit is always there, the paraclete, the Comforter […]

HGTV Stars of the Hit Show ‘Fixer Upper’ Give Their Amazing Testimony of Faith

HGTV Stars of the Hit Show ‘Fixer Upper’ Give Their Amazing Testimony of Faith.   Here’s a little convergence that occurred in my life recently. ~ First, I’ve been studying the book of Ecclesiastes ~ especially chapter 3.   To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. . . […]

What God Remembers And I Keep Forgetting

     I love how David talked to his own soul. He speaks words of instruction and encouragement and reminders about the things that we are so prone to forget. At least I am. Until my selfishness and entitlement bubble up and seep out through the holes in my faith making a mess of everything. […]

Jesus Has A Knack For Repurposing

  These old jars weren’t manufactured as fence decorations. Nope. They had a whole different life before they became fence decorations.  But someone had a new purpose in mind for each one. That is just what God does with some of us, He repurposes us. Today I was thinking about Moses and Samuel.   Moses […]