A Great New Website For Making Infographics

   Today I discovered a great tool for blogging. It’s called easel.ly and you can find it at http://www.easel.ly I love discovering and sharing cool Infographics, but I just don’t have the skills to make them on my own. Until now!!!!! Hurray for the probably 20 year old freaky-gifted people who can make them and thought […]

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

Unlikely Pairs Part #2 It’s now a rainy evening and while curled on the sofa I’m exploring tumblr to see what’s new. I just found this and thought it was a nice sequel to this morning’s post. http://input-image.tumblr.com/post/110399356631/gifsboom-cat-gets-comfortable-on-a-husky Do you have a tumblr blog?   I fill mine with all the images and quotes I […]

You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me!

Are all of your friends just like you? About a year ago I saw a special on the Nature channel that featured strange animal friends. A deer and a dog. A horse and a goat. Etc. The new Android commercial brought a little sunshine into this rainy Saturday by featuring the playful antics of some […]

Why I Still Love My Old School Photo Booth from IOS 7

  While performing an App Scrap of derelict and outdated Apps on my iPad I found the old Photo Booth app from IOS 7. I still love this App for the Thermal Camera, X-Ray, and Kaleidoscope features. While playing with it I took a shot of myself that captured a combo Art Deco/Modern Abstract background. […]

Hopefully Not Sleepless in Seattle

Today we’re headed to Seattle to sample the best of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I’m traveling with my granddaughter Kate and her boys up to the cloudy rainy home of the Space Needle and the fictional Crane brothers—Fraiser and Niles. Kate’s a foodie so we have a long list of restaurants, cafes, and […]

Fireworks Photo Serendipity

We live on a Golf Course and tonight they invited members to bring any leftover Fireworks and add to the Club’s planned display.   We walked out across the very dark course toward the Driving Range where the show was in progress. I took my camera, but had failed to check the setting or take […]

Incredible LG Optimus Hyper Facade Show in Berlin

Have you seen this amazing 3D Light Show in Berlin’s downtown area? It was put on to hype the introduction of LG Optimus several years ago. Sound effects are pretty cool too. Ever seen a building ‘transform’? I came across this in an old saved email. Now I get why I saved it. Got any […]

Perfect Plans For A Perfect Long Weekend

What’s your idea of a ‘Perfect Weekend’? I think an extra day is a really good start! Yeah, It’s Friday and Memorial Day Weekend has arrived!!! Do you have plans? I have imaginary plans. We’re leaving early Friday afternoon and going to a Beach House. We’ll barbecue steaks and play a cool new Deck Building […]