Making Love Your Life’s Purpose

It’s really all about love.
Life that is.
It comes down to the people we love.

How do you show your ‘loved ones’ your love?

Recently I took my husband a cup of coffee.
He usually gets up before me. OK, he always gets up before me. Usually he’s had a cup or two before my feet ever hit the floor. So when I discovered the Keurig hadn’t been turned on, I made coffee for both of us and took it into his office to say Good Morning.

It was a small thing, but his smile said it mattered.
The small things add up over time.
It’s true with spouses, kids, friends, and neighbors.

Jesus said love was the main thing.
Love others as you love yourself. Galatians 5:14

And NO, Jesus wasn’t advocating that we should love ourselves.
He was plainly saying that life is a special opportunity to show love to others.
That’s the example He gave us.

As He walked through the village, or went into a house, He looked for the one with a need.
A father with a sick daughter, a blind man among the crowd, or a solitary woman at a well in the heat of the day.

He opened His eyes to see others.
That’s what He wants to teach us to do too.
To look, to listen, to love.


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    • So true, the old saying, ‘talk is cheap’ comes to mind. The popular concept of love as a feeling that ebbs and flows is unknown in the Bible. When Jesus tells us to love He means to demonstrate that love and it often includes sacrifice.
      Thanks Sue.

    • Hey John,
      You got me with those great photos and I think we’re simpatico about cruises. I loved the sites we saw on the day trips , but there are some drawbacks. Really enjoyed poking around your blog today and looking forward to seeing more pop up in my WP Reader ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hi, Kelly! Haven’t checked in on you for a few days…my loss! This is a great post!! I especially like the way you mentioned that Jesus isn’t saying that we should “love” ourselves.

    So many people equate that with a kind of physical/romantic kind of love. Or they think it to be some sort of “pride of life” thing…’love who you are’ and such.

    But that’s not what the Lord is getting at…not at all! He means to be considerate of others…to take care of others as we take care of ourselves.

    Just as you took your husband some coffee, you showed him the same “love” as you would for yourself. That’s what the Savior is talkin’ about!

    Thanks for sharing this, Kelly!

    Steve Pejay

    • Considerate is such a great word. To consider others. That’s a very practical applicable everyday kind of way to think of love.
      Always a pleasure to hear from you Steve. I really enjoy the multiple images you’ve been adding to your posts.

      • Thanks, Kelly. I like some of the images on your site as well! I use “Google images.” They used to supply images for posts through Zementa (sp?) at WP, but no longer.

        Anyway, I’ll be back to “steal” one of your posts to RB today, if that’s okay?

        Enjoy your day and be “considerate” to people…(I already know you will, lol!)


  • For me, this is the key idea, ‘How do you show your โ€˜loved onesโ€™ your love?’ Do we do it in a way that speaks their ‘love language’?

    • So true, this is one of the first lessons that comes up during the early days of marriage. I wasted a lot of time and energy being a ‘housewife’ when what really registered with my hubby was companionship. I gave up vacuuming and learned to play golf ๐Ÿ˜€ Win-Win


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