Sweet and Sour Me

Graphic of a lemon and a C.S. Lewis quote
Testing for temper

Some of you know that we’ve hit a few bumps in the road around our house.

First we found a mama rat and her brood in our garage.
Several months ago we decided to paint our house and scheduled it for the first of June.
Last week, or whenever—I’ve blocked it out like the events surrounding a car accident–we found a leak under a refrigerator and MOLD.

Now I have workmen swarming all over the inside and outside of my house.
There’s banging and men talking loudly and general chaos.
They’re making me crazy already and today is only the beginning.

I made a little graphic to remind me to look to Jesus.
He was always patient and kind, not irritable or ill-tempered.
He wants me to be like that too.

And I can’t do that without Him.
Jesus told us that all the icky stuff like anger and malice springs from our hearts.
That’s where sin germinates.

Every morning, before the crews get here, I need to have Jesus work on my heart.
I don’t have to react badly and selfishly to inconvenient circumstances.
That’s why I made this graphic.
A little self-exhortation to be sweet instead of sour 😉

We can’t always plan ahead in life. Sometimes we’re faced with sudden and unexpected challenges. When that happens James tells us to ‘count it all joy’ because the testing will strengthen our faith.
I’m gonna be SO STRONG!


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


  • Lovely image. Really thought provoking blog post. Please feel free to share your inspiration at Godinterest Dot Com. God Bless Your Ministry.

  • Kelly, Jesus will surely build a scaffolding of patience around your heart. I think sometimes it just takes a willingness to ask. Enjoy that sweet lemonade! 🙂

    • So true Susan, you have not because you ask not! I’m asking and trusting. Also looking for an open door to share with any of these guys.

    • I think you speak from experience Tom. And you know our God is faithful to train us up. He’s a good and effective Father, knowing just what we need and how much of it is required to grow us up in Jesus.
      This too shall pass 😉

  • I am so sorry for the mess. That is no fun at all! I understand about workmen trudging through your house for certain jobs. From building our house to remodeling jobs, I’m not sure who drove who crazier! They always sensed how picky I was ( Still am) about shoes in the house, not to mention big clog hopping boots! It must have been my downward glare and a quick glance at my clean floors that gave it away! I found one way to “soften” the situation… FOOD! I made them cookies and on other occasions ran to the local fast food and brought home burgers and fries! They loved it and it was a springboard to witness :). Hang in there. This too will pass. I had a friend who used to say, ” Life happens when you least expect it.”


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