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Retirement is its own time zone

This is a lazy Saturday morning!  

Saturday’s are different if you’re retired.

You don’t have to cram errands and household chores into a few hours of your free time.  You can go to the cleaners at 2:22 PM on Tuesday or hit Trader Joe’s Thursday at 3:07 PM before the moms arrive with kids and the aisles fill with little people driving little carts right into your shins 🙂

When you’re retired every day becomes Saturday.  

So what are you gonna do with all that time, that freedom and that opportunity?

Make your life count forever

Pastor John Piper shares about stoking our zeal and making sure we write some stellar final chapters to the later years of life.

Please, please, please click this link and read this.  It’s not political, it’s deeply spiritual and empowering.

Break free from the spirit of this age. See the world — see your life — the way God sees it.
John Piper

That was the take home point for me.
See your life the way God sees it.
It’s a challenge to ignore the world’s message.  Like the commercials on TV, the world’s message plays at a higher volume and it plays into our own desires and even our inner dialogue that says we’ve earned our time on the bench.

Don’t waste your last chapters!

But is the bench really where we want to be?  
Sidelined from our calling.  Wasting the years of hard-gleaned wisdom and hard-earned experience?  Squandering a prime opportunity to be a doer in the kingdom of God. Making a difference and making these years count for eternity.

“God chooses to be helpless apart from cooperation with man.”
G. Campbell Morgan  (evangelist, preacher, and Bible scholar)

Why doesn’t God use angels, or writing in the sky?  
Why would He include us in His purposes?  We’re just dust.

  • We can ask why.
  • We can claim our lives and time as our own.
  • We can stay on the bench.

Or not.
Let’s choose not and see where God leads. It could just turn out to be the most exciting chapters of your lifetime.

Where do you think you would like to make a difference and in this world for the Kingdom of God? What would excite you and make you willing to put yourself out there?


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