Planting A Tree For Future Generations

Photo from Jan 24, 2014

Photo from Jan. 31st Gbedema

Along the dusty road to Sandeman stands a mud house. Built of the very earth it sits upon and much like all the neighboring houses except for the tree. A venerable old mango graces the main rooms and the courtyard with delicious shade.

Some long ago ancestor planted a seed or a tender sapling in just the right spot to offer relief from the formidable strength of the afternoon sun. Every generation can trace the blessing back to him. Or was it her? Did a woman, maybe a young wife, think a little shade was worth carrying water for a tree. It would take three to four years before the young tree had roots deep enough to collect water for itself. Someone kept it alive.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children Proverbs tells us.

What can you plant for your children and their children?
Make sure it’s something that will last.

Give them a good example what it is to walk with Jesus.
And then as much truth as you can get into their hearts.
It’ll shelter them from the harshness of life and feed them with the sweetness that comes from knowing God.
Just like the mango tree.


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