Skinny Souls


And He gave them their request,
But sent leanness into their soul.
Psalm 106:15


Be careful about the things you desire?


We put ourselves in at risk spiritually when we won’t trust God to bring into our lives everything that’s good for us.

Learning to trust Him to do the editing of our lives is key to our own happiness.
An excellent and experienced Senior Editor, He adds and subtracts, corrects and modifies the content of our lives crafting a tightly knit story that clings faithfully to His unique vision for each one of us.

Do we trust Him with this? Do we believe He knows what He’s doing?


When I read the Bible I look for the lessons that can apply RIGHT NOW TO MY OWN LIFE.


I don’t need cutting edge theology.
I’m looking for something to live on every day, something to feed my soul and guide my life.

Psalm 106:15 is a cautionary tale for all of us.
It’s a neon sign flashing a warning: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DESIRE.

Take the time to read through Psalm 105.
It tells the story of God’s goodness to Israel and their deliverance from their bondage in Egypt.
It’s chock full of miracles and divine and provision.
Beginning at His covenant with Abraham and ending with the Exodus from Egypt in joy and gladness, Psalm 105 recounts the story of how God fulfilled every promise to Israel.


In light of that we come to Psalm 106 and find that Israel soon forgot all of God’s works and decided not to wait for His plan to unfold. (Psalm 106:13 NIV)


They jumped into the editing process, grabbing the red pencil, they wrote in the lines they wanted to add.

They demanded the story include the thing they wanted. God uses the word ‘lusted’. That means an intense yearning, an eagerness to possess or enjoy.

They wanted meat not manna.
Grumbling and disgusted with God’s meal plan, they yearned for the Egyptian fare they’d had as slaves.
Memory wears rose colored glasses!!!

God gave them what they demanded, but sent leanness to their souls.


I don’t want a skinny soul, do you?

Give me a fat soul! Fat and Flourishing 😉 (Ps. 92:14)

Lord give us everything in Your version and plan, faith to trust You with the editing, and the fat soul You promised to those who put their trust in You.

People who think they are free eventually end up slaves to their own desires, and those who give their freedom away to the only One you can trust with that freedom eventually get it back.
Philip Yancey


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

  • John

    This is so important in our materialistic world. Great post.

  • nakularora

    I really like the part where you say you aren’t looking for cutting theology but simple things which you can straight away apply.. The application is what’s of prime importance for that’s what changes us…. Regards 🙂

    • Kelly Grace

      Hi Nakul, thanks so much for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts on this post. May God guide you on your journey and prosper your work in India. I’ve made several other friends in India through this blog. It’s amazing that through the internet we can now reach around the world to meet others and get to know what life is like far from where we are.
      What’s the greatest challenge you’d like to meet in your country?

      • nakularora
        Kelly Grace

        Yes… That’s one amazing thing about the Internet and blogging… India is currently filled up with challenges Kelly but the one closest to my heart, the one i would like to meet is providing an excellent, holistic education to all kids across India, esp. the ones caught up in the trap of poverty..

  • insideheathershead

    Wow! Just wow. I can’t tell you how much I love this. We live in a society obsessed with skinny. Skinny people. Skinny jeans. Skinny drinks. And with all that narcissistic obsession of self comes a very skinny soul.

    I shall never see Psalm 105 in the same light again. That “leanness” is nothing I ever want to have in my heart. I want to be “lean” on the things of this world and FAT on the things of God.

    Thank you so very much for this insightful post. I will cherish your words and God’s for a long time. Blessings to you today. 🙂

    • Kelly Grace

      Do you know you’re an awesome commenter?
      I think we should give Awards for people like you! Posting is easy, commenting requires a highly specialized skill set. Well done Heather 😉

      • insideheathershead
        Kelly Grace

        You are too kind, Kelly. 🙂

        I thank God for posts like yours that prompt me to reflect on His Word and my journey with Him. There are a lot of posts that pass away, much like the scattered seed. But some posts take root and produce fruit. Those are the kinds of posts you write. So thank you for planting seeds.

  • Rhonda A

    Ditto, inside, I too was thinking we need to watch our diets carefully. PTL for the words He gave you for this one, Full Life! Blessings from TX.

    • Kelly Grace
      Rhonda A

      Fat and Flourishing is the new thin for Christian women!

  • Lilka Raphael

    I loved this post and your choice of words to end by. That quotation is a sermon in itself. This really blessed me today and affirmed a few things for me personally. Bless you! 🙂 Lilka

    • Kelly Grace
      Lilka Raphael

      Thanks Lilka, Philip Yancey is a favorite of mine. Glad this spoke to you today 😉

  • Carol Redeker

    This was what I needed today!

    • Kelly Grace
      Carol Redeker

      Thanks Carol. God is faithful to bring us the encouragement and direction we need. I’m blessed that He used this to minister to you today 😉

  • Family to the 5 Power!

    We were just talking about trusting God last night in bible study. Thank you for this thoughtful post and no, I don’t want a skinny soul either! 🙂

    • Kelly Grace
      Family to the 5 Power!

      Trust is a life long lesson for us as believers 😉 Yeah for Bible Study!!!

  • Sherry

    Thank you for sharing your heart, Kelly. It blesses me over and over. I needed to remember today that “Memory wears rose colored glasses.” I haven’t heard that in a long time. It is so true. <3 xoxo

    • Kelly Grace

      Yeah, but where BFFs are concerned everything was actually rosy 😉

  • "light and salt"

    Great post! I like Yencey’s quote…

    Steve 🙂

    • Kelly Grace
      “light and salt”

      Thanks Steve, hope you’re having a sparkling 4th!

      • "light and salt"
        Kelly Grace

        And you too, Kelly! Hope to talk to you next week…

        Steve 🙂

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