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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you.

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abstract art

This art provoked a sarcastic rant that got ‘acted out’ on PicMonkey.

Things that go bump in the night are usually the random thoughts riding on the tilt-a-whirl of my mind when I stay up too late.

I tried all day today to be spiritual and unearth some encouraging nuggets to share because we all know Thursday is our best shot of the week at ‘traffic’.
We’re not suppose to care, but I do!!!
I know, I’m pathetic and shallow, at least about this.

Those of you with consistent readership can hit publish any ‘ole time.
We hang on your every word.

Back to me and my tale of woe.
The day went by.

I was there singing along with Cher, “If I could turn back time”, but obviously that’s not my super power.
Neither is singing.
“It’s too late baby now, it’s too late, though I really did try to make it.”
That’s Carole King for you non-Boomer types.
And thinking it was too late, I started to shut down my computer in defeat and despair, but one thing led to another.
In novels that propels the story, but not so much in my real life after 10:30 PM.

The restaurant art piece, featured at the top of this rambling post, popped up in Preview and that triggered a round of Free Association.
Which devolved into Freud and Viennese Fiakers.

horse drawn carriage

Fiakers, it’s just a fun word to say.

The next thing I know Wikipedia shows up and I’m reliving my undergrad years in Psychology.
Remember Free Association?
Freud developed it to avoid having to listen closely and ask penetrating and insightful questions.
Free Association really kicks into high gear after 11:00PM.

‘The importance of free association is that the patients spoke for themselves, rather than repeating the ideas of the analyst; they work through their own material, rather than parroting another’s suggestions’.[1] James Strachey (1887-1967) considered free association as ‘the first instrument for the scientific examination of the human mind’.[2]

“. . .worked through their own material” makes them sound like Stand-up comedians.
By now I’m turning my mind over in my hands, like a child does a millipede, to get a closer look at all the moving parts.

In free association, psychoanalytic patients are invited to relate whatever comes into their minds during the analytic session, and not to censor their thoughts. This technique is intended to help the patient learn more about what he or she thinks and feels, in an atmosphere of non-judgmental curiosity and acceptance.

“. . .not to censor their thoughts. . .”
No censor here, also no rhyme or reason, just a wagon train of words all bumping along across the windswept prairie with no destination in sight.
But then,

It totally worked!
I know exactly what I think: This has gone on long enough.
I have clarity about my feelings: I’m sleepy.
I’m OK.
You’re OK.

Those faceless people better not show up in my dreams.

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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you. 
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