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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you.

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Today I spoke my mind—and heart to God.


I’ve been reading Job and I liked how he just told God, straight out, how he felt.


“Oh that I might have my request,
    and that God would fulfill my hope,
that it would please God to crush me,
    that he would let loose his hand and cut me off!
This would be my comfort;
    I would even exult in pain unsparing,
    for I have not denied the words of the Holy One.
What is my strength, that I should wait?
    And what is my end, that I should be patient?
Is my strength the strength of stones, or is my flesh bronze?
Have I any help in me,
    when resource is driven from me?


Here’s the lesson I take from this:  God can handle it when we tell Him what we won’t, what we can’t tell anyone else.  Say it all to Him.  Pout it out.  Ask Him why.

David did the same thing and his words are right there in Psalm 142.
Look at his descriptions of what he did:

I cry out to the Lord
I pour out my complaint
Deliver me
Bring me out of prison

With my voice I cry out to the Lord;
    with my voice I plead for mercy to the Lord.
I pour out my complaint before him;
    I tell my trouble before him.

When my spirit faints within me,
    you know my way!
In the path where I walk
    they have hidden a trap for me.
Look to the right and see:
    there is none who takes notice of me;
no refuge remains to me;
    no one cares for my soul.

I cry to you, O Lord;
    I say, “You are my refuge,
    my portion in the land of the living.”
Attend to my cry,
    for I am brought very low!
Deliver me from my persecutors,
    for they are too strong for me!
Bring me out of prison,
    that I may give thanks to your name!

I’m not experiencing suffering like Job or danger like David.

If you looked into my life you’d think, “What’s she going on about?  What’s her problem?”

But, we all have problems.
We all have questions buried deep in our hearts.

Today I took a few of mine to God.  
I asked Him my questions and I felt better for having asked.  I didn’t ask Him to change a situation or person, I just ask Him some why questions.
I believe He’s going to give me some answers in the coming weeks and months, but today He gave me His peace.

We have an open invitation to ask and a promise that God will answer.

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”
Jeremiah 33:3

Maybe you have an old hurt or a betrayal that rises to the surface from time to time.  You’ve forgiven, but the why of it is a mystery.
Or, you might be wondering about the course of your life.  The road not taken.

Talk to God about it.
You’ll find peace and maybe understanding because you’re ready now for the deeper lesson.

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  1. realchange4u says:

    What a wonderful reminder Kelly. So good to see your post coming back. I have missed them. I to have a lot of why questions. Just not at a place I feel the need to ask why just yet. Like you though God has given me great peace and as long as I stay in touch on a regular bases with God he will continue to comfort and give me peace.His word is my compass to life. I loved this post because it brought back and reminded me that God cares so much for us and hears me when I talk.May the sun’s warmth cover you today and the cloud’s all be washed away. Joy,peace,love.

    Much love Tom

  2. lisa evola says:

    beautiful Kelly, yes, honesty!
    btw, I have nominated you for the sisterhood of world bloggers award. Follow this link to answer 10 inspiring questions and to grab the picture to post if you like. You inspire me!

  3. Patti says:

    Yes, He can handle our questions and sometimes He answers them and other times He answers with a question. Once, His answer was in the form of a question to me when my question was coming from a position of pride. Boy was that humbling! Great reminder today. Thanks 🙂

  4. Kelly Grace says:

    Thanks for that sweet prayer Tom. I’ve missed writing, but it took me awhile to catch up here at home after being gone for 9 weeks!!! I loved your sentiment: “His word is my compass to life.” We’ll never lose our way with His word guiding us.

  5. Kelly Grace says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for the nomination.
    I’m honored and blessed that you’d think of me. I made an early decision to be an awards free blog. The awards are an honor, but honestly I was a little freaked out by the requirements of the first few I was nominated for. So for better or worse I have an awards free blog. Now you know my secret fear: I’m afraid I’ll flake or fail 😉

  6. Kelly Grace says:

    . . .He answers with a question. Yep, I know I’m in for it when that happens. That’s when the soul searching and hard questions reveal my sin. We can all learn some good parenting skills from our heavenly Father. Thanks for sharing that Patti. Have a great day.

  7. lisa evola says:

    I completely understand….I was crazy about all of that either….I kinda only did what I wanted of it…true to being me…the rebel! I only nominated who I wanted and I didn’t post the requirements. I figure if they want to nominate …awesome. Its kinda like getting those pass it on emails…I don’t do it, even the Christian ones….and I still love Jesus! Ha!!

  8. Two weeks ago our family lost a 20 year old friend (a very passionate believer in Jesus) in a car crash.
    The question “why” has really haunted me, but I had to come to the place that God sees the entire picture.
    Thank you for this post Kelly!

  9. bwdell says:

    It’s OK to ask why. We just have to have faith in the answer.

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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you. 

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