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I have a question for you, what do you want to change? Your walk with Jesus, your marriage or your skills and effectiveness as a Christian parent? Choose an area that needs some attention. Then search the blog, grab a free guide, take the Quiz or ask a question via the contact form.  Begin with one area and take small steps forward. God will meet you, guide you and strengthen you.
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25 Powerful Tips For A Better Marriage Now

Perfect Marriages are like unicorns, the stuff of myth & legend. But a Better Marriage is simply a choice you make to invest in yourself and your spouse. Grab this free guide and enjoy a Better Marriage Now!

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God's word And You

The experience of God’s word.
How it makes you feel.
The way it transforms you.
Divine touch reaching deep into your soul.

Spirit and life Jesus said.
In them you’ll know the truth.
And be set free.

Create a life of divine purpose.
Rise above your circumstances and limitations.
Discover the wisdom and power He offers.
This is His promise and gift to you.

Connect the truth you believe to the life you live.


Everything you find here is shared in love to help you experience the change you seek  

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If we met for coffee and I asked you, "How's it going?" There's a 90% chance you'd start sharing about your own walk with the Lord, your marriage or your kids. The blog has lots of posts organized by category so you can get to what you're looking for fast.


All the goodies gathered in one place. This is an ever evolving list of books, blogs, podcasts and literally anything I come across that I feel has real potential to build you up, stir you up, and cheer you up!

New Podcast 2021

Divine Connections Podcast is launching early next year. Encouragement and inspiration on the go. Feed your soul while taking care of 'all the things' on your list. Folding laundry, walking the dog, commuting or taking the kids to the park, spiritual self-care just got easier.

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Relationships Masterclass

Coming Soon

Explore the relationships that make up our lives as women.

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