Organization Tips From A Genius


 How do you handle paper clutter???


Before I went to Africa I stuck a big pile of papers in the super-deep bottom drawer of my desk.  Now 3 months later I’m looking through those papers and they still defy organization.  I suppose I could get 127 manilla folders and put 1 sheet in each, but that doesn’t seem to like a real improvement over my current ‘piling system’.

Then I saw how a genius handles papers.  
It’s fast and fun and in a second it’s done!!!



gif of man tossing papers in the air



The thing I discovered is that if you stick stuff, lots of stuff, in a drawer and leave it there for 3 months you can safely toss it.
If it’s a bill—the company will have sent you another one.  This is a sure bet.
If it’s an invitation— you already missed the event and probably won’t be invited to another since you didn’t RSVP.
If it’s an advertisement— the sale is over or the item is no longer available.
If it’s bad news—you just enjoyed 3 months of blissful ignorance.
If it’s good news—you know it now and can start celebrating right away.

I suggest you start by tossing papers in the air.
It’s genius.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is my alter ego.  
He’s the part of me that likes order, routine, predictability, and takeout.
I think this gif is from a scene where Sheldon tosses the notorious Roommate Agreement.
If I thought there was even the slightest chance of getting it signed, I’d draft a roommate agreement.  That’s a formal document intended to bring clarity to the chaos that ensues when two individuals inhabit the same space.

But, I know my husband would say we already have one, it’s called a wedding certificate 😉


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


  • Oh this is so funny as I sit in my office with stacks of papers piled and needing filing!

    How we manage the inevitable paper pile up: toss (in the garbage…not in the air, though that would be fun) the unimportant right away, recycle, (if I remember to stick it in the bin), pay the bills as they come in, file what is needed (I have a file called “fun” and it is bulging!), and around the first of every year we go through the file cabinet (as a family)and have a shredding party! This is probably not the most “Franklin Covey” style system, but it works for us, though there is always room for improvement. 😉

    • If I could just break the habit of pulling things out of magazines—recipes, home decorating, and craft projects, I’d have no piles 😉

      • This is my problem too. Let me know what you find to conquer the creativity pile up!

  • Taking pictures of some of the papers I want to save and filing them in Evernote helps me with some of my piles.

    • You are the 4th person to recommend Evernote, so I’m challenging myself to learn it next week. Thanks for the reminder Bob.


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