When God’s Love Won’t Let Us Turn Away

I confess I clicked on the link to see some stunning photos.

I knew the images were from UNICEF so I expected there would be the beautiful faces of children with eyes that riveted the lens and told a story of hardship and tragedy.  But that didn’t really prepare me for what I saw.

In an age of global connection it’s still easy to look and look away.
Many children in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia grow up and come of age through war, famine, and disease.  These are the most vulnerable among us.  They need nurturing and protection, but too often are victims of deprivation and abuse.

I can’t solve geo-political problems, or create a vaccination for Ebola, but I can make a donation and pray for these children.
So can you.

Jesus said, “the poor you have always with you and you can do them good whenever you will.”

The way we treat the weak and powerless is a true reflection of whether or not God’s love is in us.
You don’t have to look halfway around the world to find need, but I’d like to encourage you to remember those who have so little hope of peace and provision.

<script async src=”https://static.medium.com/embed.js”></script><a class=”m-story” data-collapsed=”true” href=”https://medium.com/@unicefaustralia/7d3f6bdbd92a”>The 25 Most Stunning Photos of 2014</a>


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    • Merry Christmas to you Jennifer! I have so neglected my poor little blog. We’ve been so busy with a major project that I just haven’t had the time to post anything. Thanks for taking the time to share a Christmas Greeting with me. May God bless you as you celebrate the gift of His Son.

  • How I managed to go months without knowing you visited my blog and reaching out is beyond me.
    My bad ma’am. Thank you so much for dropping by.
    I love that you are sharing the gospel of Christ on here and letting that light shine one post at a time.

    Happy new year Kelly. Praying you a year charcterized by the complete knowledge of His will, a progressively resplendent path and its attendant benefits.

    Bless your heart!


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