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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you.

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January is the perfect month to focus on your interior decorating dilemmas.

What bugs you most about your home?
Clutter everywhere, a general lack of pizzazz, or kids’ rooms that look more like minefields than bedrooms?  Got a home office sharing space with your now not-so-romantic Master Bedroom?  Sound familiar?  Facing one or more of these can make you hate a house you once thought you’d love forever 😉 

But you can love your house again!

Do you feel like your home needs Professional help?
Welcome to

I don’t remember how I first found the site, but I enjoy it because it’s packed with inspiring photos and storage solutions.  The site was originally designed to help users connect with a design professional, but you can browse the content, make idea books of the photos, and find solutions to your problems without investing a dime.

If you’re contemplating major changes can help you choose a professional by allowing you to see the work of designers in your area before making an initial appointment.  Viewing a designers work via the photos they’ve submitted can give you a sense of the types of projects they’ve had experience with and their unique design style.  

Recently houzz published a great recap featuring the Top 10 articles of 2014.


Whether you’re into a full Kitchen DIY project or just a little inspiration for your Family Room or Bedroom, you’ll find something exciting at

Now that you’ve packed away the holiday decorations, take a walk through your home and try to see it with fresh vision.
Reimagine your spaces.
Is every room working for your family?
Does it serve YOUR NEEDS?
Are you in possession of a formal Dining Room you never use?
Is there a way you can reclaim the square footage by repurposing the space?
Just take out the hanging fixture and Voila ~ you have a new PlayRoom for the kids or a Home Office for yourself.  A place for crafts and hobbies, music or art, or maybe a couple of tables for games and puzzles.

A home is the largest single purchase most of us ever make—why not make every square foot useful to the life you really live, not the life the architect or draftsman thought you’d live.

We all face the same kinds of decorating challenges.

Small closets with just one shelf
Tiny Kitchens without the RIGHT kind of storage spaces
Family areas without any built-in storage for games, toys, and electronics
TV’s and Fireplaces that compete for attention
Rooms that defy furniture arrangement
Bad lighting

As you go from room to room try to identify the things that aren’t working well in each space.

If you’re like most of us you have too much stuff and not enough well thought out storage to contain it.
Is your clutter caused from excess or lack of reasonable storage space?

Ikea’s become my go-to resource for creating the storage I need in every room.

You have to actually have a place for EVERYTHING ~ before everything can be in its place 😉
That will never happen, but a girl can dream.

At Ikea you’ll find excellent and inexpensive pieces that create easy storage solutions.
Line up a few of their tall & narrow Billy bookcases and stash the kid’s toys in baskets (I get cheap ones at World Market) on the lower shelves.  Books find a home on mid-level shelves while art or school supplies can live up top in baskets on the highest shelves.

Here’s another article from houzz for your New Year.

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  1. Kelly Grace says:

    Hi Christy, sounds like you’ve struggled with the same problem: where to put the TV? It’s the bane of designers and decorators and it’s here to stay and growing in size every year. Armoires were introduced into Living spaces to camouflage it before it started taking steroids and outgrew the 45″ width of most cabinets and armoires.
    My daughter is a Designer and according to her. “You can only have one star of the show—everything else is supporting cast.”
    I try to keep that in mind in every room and as a result I’m finding that I’m happier with fewer things.
    Thanks for reading and following.

  2. When you wrote that the fireplace and TV compete for attention, I totally knew what you meant! I debated putting the TV over the fireplace but then felt that wasn’t a comfortable height for watching it; so then I put it beside the fireplace.

  3. Kelly Grace says:

    I love organizing things too and The Container Store broke my heart when it closed the last location in my area. Dining Rooms are probably the most unused rooms in American homes. I knew a family in San Francisco who lined their Dining Room walls with bookcases and had an old chair and ottoman in there by the window for reading or just watching the fog roll in. With the cost of square footage in the Bay Area it’s a shame to let any of it go to waste. I’m sure it’s the same in LA.

  4. bethbyrnes says:

    This was a lovely and refreshing reminder. I take this “everything must have a place” approach too, but it does mean lots of reorganizing and purchasing storage containers. My husband makes us all our bookcases, so that is something I take advantage of. But we still have to buy plastic storage containers, so I may check out Ikea for a more attractive alternative. The last room in our house that I am re-thinking, efficiency of space usage-wise, is the dining room. We tend to have it as an ornamental space rather than a practical one. I don’t like using it as a big desk, so I am working on this issue slowly. Nice one, Kelly!

  5. yprior1 says:

    enjoyed this post – and we are redoing two rooms this spring so I will bookmark this post to – great stuff – and happy new year!

  6. Kelly Grace says:

    Good for her!
    We should all learn to let go of the things we no longer ‘love’ or use 😉 Let those things find a new home where they’ll benefit others and create a little breathing room.

  7. realchange4u says:

    Carolyn removed 9 large bags of stuff to go to the local thrift store. They use the funds for ministry outreach. I wonder what will be coming back in.

    Bless you

  8. realchange4u says:

    Long time no see Kelly. Good to see your smiling face. Houzz is addictive isn’t it? Best articles though. Thanks for the post.

    Bless you

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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you. 

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