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When I sit down to create a post I do it with you in mind. But the touchstone that links us is my memories of my younger self as a wife, mom and as a new Christian trying to do it all and get it right. Inside the posts are the concepts, the truth and the action steps I wish I’d known then. I pray they’ll  ease your overwhelm, boost your joy and help you grow in grace.

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Inspiration And Solutions For Your Home Decorating Dilemmas

[getty src=”184313221?et=BKv1LGbGR4Rm2QqAIm9uhw&socialOnLoad=off&sig=6sSBDqAH1Dm6cGinqDHnT2fgY78J20i1QiTw55MV9j4=” width=”496″ height=”345″] January is the perfect month to focus on your interior decorating dilemmas. What bugs you most about your home? Clutter everywhere, a general lack of pizzazz, or kids’ rooms that

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Sweet and Sour Me

Some of you know that we’ve hit a few bumps in the road around our house. First we found a mama rat and her brood in our garage. Several months ago we decided to

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Meeting Royalty

I’m going to tell you a story about meeting royalty. And then I want you to think about meeting a King. Long ago, before Downton Abbey captivated American women, my husband and I tromped

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The Simple Pleasures of Life

Describe your favorite coffee or tea cup. Please don’t tell me it’s paper with a Mermaid logo!!! I asked about the cup, not the contents. Yesterday I found treasure in the clearance shelves at

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The Invention of Clutter

Tomorrow is Saturday in America and that means Garage Sales.   Why do we have so much clutter? Magazine articles tell us how to organize it, how to get rid of it, and how

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My Le Creuset Dutch Oven: C’est Cie Bon

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/daily-prompt-ingredients/ Confession: I’m no Julia Child. I have other talents and interests. If that sounds defensive, it’s because it is. Cooking triggers my ‘insecurity’ and reveals my soft under belly of inadequacy. In my

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