My NYR List For A Better 2016!

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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you.

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Is it possible you can make 2016 a better year by creating a list of New Year’s Resolutions?


I don’t know, but I’m gonna try.

Whether you see it as motivation, inspiration, or an exercise in futility—The New Year’s Resolutions List has made its annual appearance here there and everywhere.  That’s a Beatles reference for those of you who don’t have an AARP membership.

Right up front I want to let you know that there’s an official opt-out day if you decide you don’t want to play anymore.
National Ditch Your Resolutions Day is January 17th.

I could find zilch about the origins of the day, but we all know its origins are in our general lameness at keeping resolutions.   By day 17 discipline-fatigue sets in and so some wise soul knew we needed an official day to get out from under the blame and shame.

Like Google analytics, I love lists, but I opted instead for poetry form in my personal version of The Ubiquitous 2016 New Year’s Resolutions List.  

Like the best lists of this kind it’s aspirational and improbable.
It’s  a blend of high-minded goals and low-brow ambition, it’s a veritable latte of fun and faith, and it’s the best I can manage and still get the sheets changed.
*This is important because my whole self-worth is strangely attached to the regular changing of linens ;).  I know better than to waste countless $$$$ and hours trying to discover in psychotherapy the source of this attachment or try to affect a detachment.
Who knows what my fickle self-worth would glom onto if I was ever successful???

Without further preamble, ceremony,  or ado, here are my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.

To stop and smell the roses
To do my very best
To work as hard as I can
To finally get some rest

To eat more greens
To take more steps
To brush and floss
To tidy and toss

To sort and file
To read and think
To eat less sugar
To more water drink

To write more letters
To see more friends
To turn off the TV
To make amends

To curb my temper
To hold my tongue
To tone up my abs
To work till it’s done

To talk to Jesus every day
To listen when He speaks
To give Him every burden
To first His Kingdom seek

To count up all His blessings
To write them down in ink
To pray for little children
To recall that in a blink

I’ll one day change completely
Mystery in a moment of time
A heavenly body will clothe me
Immortal by Jesus’ design

Then I’ll live with God forever
And with all on His name who believe
In a place He is now preparing
His children to Himself He’ll receive

I’ll see Him as He is,  as we say, face to face
All my sin, my weakness, and disgrace
Blessedly gone and forgotten
Thankfully and at last

And New Year’s Resolutions definitely a thing of the past!

Happy New Year 🙂


As always I’d love to hear from you.  
Have you made your list?  Do you feel having goals written down has helped you to make desired changes?
If you could change just one thing in 2016 what would it be?  

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photo by Michael Hull


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  1. Loved this! Happy New Year to you.

  2. realchange4u says:

    Kelly if I could change one thing in 2016 it would be the pride of mankind. Starting with me.
    I liked the poem.

    Blessings to you

  3. Dan Antion says:

    Quite a healthy list – keep your eye on the calendar for the 17th, just in case 🙂 Happy New Year!

  4. Great list. Love it in the form of the poem! I don’t make resolutions, but I’ve started picking a word for the year. 2013 was love (and, wow, was that tested, lol) 2014 was hope (‘cos 2013 was so terrible!) 2015 was joy (and that proved to be very apropos!) Sometimes it doesn’t hit me until the middle of the month, so I’m still waiting for this year’s word. I’d really like it to be something exciting. Be blessed and Happy New Year!

  5. Merryn says:

    In loved reading your poem- s comprehensive list and cleverly penned! My resolutions are to work properly on weight loss so that I can have a fighting chance to fall pregnant and to be a much fitter, healthier Mum; to renew my mind daily by reading the Bible; to pray and believe for big change in my life and the lives of others around me; to completely organise my home and to feel more connected / purposeful at church again.

    • Kelly Grace says:

      That’s a worthy list Merryn 🙂
      Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission, said, “we suffer from accumulation”. I love that coupled with Eccles. 5:11 When goods increase, they are increased that eat them: and what good is there to the owners thereof, saving the beholding of them with their eyes?
      Who knew Solomon was a minimalist?

      Health is also on my mind for 2016. I don’t struggle with my weigh much, but as I age I find the energy crisis increases 🙂 I’m reading a book by Dr. Mark Hyman on metabolism. He is Director at the Cleveland Clinic for Functional Medicine. He suffered from Chronic Fatigue in his 30’s and felt traditional medicine did little to help him. Here’s a link to his website and the book I bought (used) from Amazon.

      Connecting with God and letting Him renew your mind through His word will give you wisdom, guidance, and peace.
      God bless you in all of it!

      • Merryn says:

        Thanks for the link- I will look it up. CFS robbed me from some of my best years but hoping to get much stronger in my 20s than late teens/ 30s.

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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you. 

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