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A Mission Statement For Christian Wives

The Church at Siniensi
The Church at Siniensi

What’s at the core of being a godly wife? 

What’s God’s intention for wives?
The answer is found in that old truth from Proverbs 31.

She does him good and not harm all the days of her life.
Proverbs 31:12


For two weeks I’ve been speaking to Christian women about Family, about being a godly wife and mother.
The locations keep getting more rustic and today virtually none of the women spoke English.
Probably most can’t read or write.

While prayerfully thinking about how to communicate the BIG IDEAS most simply, I stumbled onto a plan for my own life:  Boil it down to the most basic truth and just do that!!!

 Paul said, ‘all the law is fulfilled in one word . . . love your neighbor as yourself’.
That’s a great summation.

You can sum up all the Bible says to us as wives with this one short sentence, ‘Do him good and not harm every day’. 

We should make t-shirts and bumper stickers!


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