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When I sit down to create a post I do it with you in mind. But the touchstone that links us is my memories of my younger self as a wife, mom and as a new Christian trying to do it all and get it right. Inside the posts are the concepts, the truth and the action steps I wish I’d known then. I pray they’ll  ease your overwhelm, boost your joy and help you grow in grace.

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Do You Really Listen to Others?

[getty src=”508483415?et=ewTuXiNDTNdK2hJ8ET1G8A&viewMoreLink=on&sig=vPofTvw6AIDzP5oXLFjJYMRzgqvhjmqKzJmA0OLu7_g=” width=”508″ height=”339″]   Do You Hear What I Hear? A couple of weeks ago I began practicing for a Christmas program with a group of people from church. How hard could this

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How To Get Rid of Icky Feelings

I hate it when life goes from Technicolor to black and white and icky feelings creep into my heart. They’ve usually hitched a ride on unkind thoughts spawned of misunderstandings, less than stellar behavior,

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Under A Dark Tree Called Envy

  Under the dark shadow of a tree called envy distorted all things will appear lines and contours grotesquely twisted the horizon stands up on its ear   The world and reality bent out

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6 Wardrobe Essentials God Suggests For Thanksgiving Day

[getty src=”182228001?et=TVG533dsTppLcFCzETO8GQ&flyout=on&sig=VpRkb_NGi8bMb0n_qm3Pib6fP0YwNCrTyP8yYIzagB0=” width=”338″ height=”507″] What to wear for Thanksgiving? When I was a kid we all wore our best for Holiday events like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It was part of the tradition that

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Making Lists of What You Won’t and Will Miss

[getty src=”172240477?et=AA4PQVz2RjtuZMAdYSarZw&ContextMore=on&sig=P7gdqcaJuzlNq16xpNvl6t0nivldMZxEOKpug3vo-3s=” width=”398″ height=”648″] Lists. Somedays they litter my house, car, and purse like crumpled peanut bags at the Ballpark. I love making lists. A list gets stuff out of my head and into

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