The Road to Hell is Paved, Really?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Every time I hear that phrase I’m tempted to ask questions.
There’s a road, really?
Paved, really?
My goal for this Daily Prompt on Great Expectations was a less spiritual and a more practical business spin on the old cliche.
Knowing nothing about business, I doubled down and wrote in verse.
This poem is dedicated to Seth Godin who continually ‘delivers’, or as he calls it, ships.

I thought I would,
I could,
I should
but somehow my intension
never concurred
never quite got in sync
with her good friend, my invention

They couldn’t get their act together
missed their targets and their goals
failing miserably to deliver
to fulfill,
to complete,
to reach their full potential
creating something really ‘sweet’

You would have been delighted
would have been amazed for sure
would have ordered by the truckload
any price paid to procure

Now none of that will happen
the gaping void still unfilled
speaks loudly that intension
without action never billed.

big business book with a funny cover
Seth Godin’s huge and delightful creation, This Might Work. It’s not just a book. It’s Seth’s wisdom collected over years of experience in marketing combined with his ample wit and keen observations about what works and why. It’s about excellence, about creativity, about civility, and it’s funny and enchanting. It’s way too big because Seth doesn’t watch TV or engage on Twitter, so he has excess mental capacity and sufficient quiet time to think deeply and communicate concisely. You wouldn’t think a book this big is concise.
But you’d be wrong.

About 85% of the time I blog about spiritual ideas.
If you want to know how to avoid the Road to Hell you can find lots of other posts on this blog about Jesus Christ and what He did for you.

Feel free to ask a question or leave a comment about Seth Godin, Jesus, Hell, or what product I’d like to invent if I was in business instead of Christian ministry.


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