A Really Full Life


The beds in my house are all full tonight. Books strewn across the floor and a lone sock missing its twin stir up dust layered recollections. Like mist from a pond in the light of a new day they rise in memory. I picture my children once small. I close my eyes and ruffle their silky hair bending down to kiss them goodnight. Etched in memory like it was last night. The… Read More

In our last three weeks of ministry ¬†here in Ghana we’ve seen the great need for Bible teaching designed to reach children with the gospel and the simple truths of how to walk with Jesus.¬† Be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi Americans hear this quote, or some variation of it, a lot. Change, transformative progress, begins when we take personal responsibility to participate in the process…. Read More

Do you know how to “grow your child’s brain”? Do you know the best “window of opportunity for building the connections in your child’s brain that help them to succeed in school”? Do you know how EASY it is to do? I’ve been reading a Business Book called How Will You Measure Your Life? There is a chapter titled, The Ticking Clock. It’s about the danger of delaying investment in your family,… Read More