Why Climbing the Wall is So Good for Us

When life begins to take me to school I feel like staying home sick. Especially when I know I’m repeating a course that I’ve failed before. Meeting the steep uphill parts of life gets frustrating and makes more than just my calves hurt. What changes if I began to think VERY DIFFERENTLY about the uphill […]

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I apologize for any typos in this post, but I had macular surgery on my left eye on Monday and I’m not suppose to read. I wanted to let those of you that follow this blog know why I haven’t been posting this week. The very worst part of this kind of surgery is the […]

Extra Special Chocolate Chunk Cookies: YUM

This post is dedicated to Stuart M. Perkins http://storyshucker.wordpress.com/about/ Stuart liked my previous Weekly Challenge: Sea post and so I started nosing around his blog and wanted to stay all day and maybe for dinner. Do yourself a favor and pay him a visit. I wanted to say thank you to Stuart for the enjoyment […]