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Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.Malcolm Muggeridge Sometimes when you sense a special moment you gotta stop and get out of the car!Driving home one late afternoon I saw a huge gathering of birds flying in an amazing […]


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Want To Hear From God? You Control The Volume!

[getty src=”157738607?et=8KPTU26MQiV1hIGs8iBYLg&similar=on&sig=Qw4WLRzz9j225hVRE05qpDv6QwMgd-QgXHHvsnJtiCU=” width=”414″ height=”414″] Do you want to hear God’s voice more clearly? You can. It’s that simple. You and I control the volume. We have to turn down the outside noises.   The ambient noise level in our lives is in our control more often than we think. Sure there are lots of hours […]


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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you. 
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Divine Connections Podcast provides encouragement and inspiration on the go. Now you can feed your soul while taking care of ‘all the things’. Whether you’re folding laundry, commuting, or taking the kids to the park, spiritual self-care just got easier. 

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25 Powerful Tips for  a Better Marriage Now

These actionable tips will help you to create a better marriage starting today. A perfect marriage is a myth, but a better marriage is a choice!