A Really Full Life


    This is a lazy Saturday morning!   Saturday’s are different if you’re retired. You don’t have to cram errands and household chores into a few hours of your free time.  You can go to the cleaners at 2:22 PM on Tuesday or hit Trader Joe’s Thursday at 3:07 PM before the moms arrive with kids and the aisles fill with little people driving little carts right into your shins 🙂… Read More

Model at the Pantheon

Do you like photos? Do you take photos? Wouldn’t you love to have a professional share with you how they chose a subject and why they composed the shot the way they did? Well, I’m not promising that EXACTLY, but I think there is a way to learn from their expertise just by studying the results. Most of us are moved by beautifully crafted photos. That’s why the professionals get the big… Read More