A Really Full Life


Like millions of others I’m participating in Social Networking. My question is this: ┬áhas it made us any more friendly? It’s easy and sometimes there’s meaningful and even important info in the News Feed, but I don’t know if I’m a better friend for the time and effort I’ve put into Facebook. I came across this picture of my grandson Ethan and his school friends in my Photo Library and it made… Read More

Have you been to Southern California? If you live there, well, I’m jealous, envious, bitter, and have a little malice in my heart toward you. I used to live there. When we moved, taking our 3 kids, about 2.7 million people moved in to fill the void. The 405 is 6 lanes each direction, but gridlock remains for many hours of the daily commute and at maddeningly unpredictable hours on the weekends…. Read More