Literally Stop, And Hear Music

Give yourself and your soul the gift today of a few quiet intentional moments.   Five minutes and 49 seconds. That’s all the time it takes to listen to this. My prayer is that you’ll find its peaceful beauty lingering through the rest of the day. Have a wonderful weekend. *Here’s a link to the […]

What Things Make Peace For You?

  This morning I’ve been praying over hand written prayer requests I carried home from women I met in African towns and villages. Prayers for healing, for conception, for a husband’s salvation, for peace from tormenting dreams, for a child who has wandered far from God. Prayers for peace in the family, for provision, and […]

Still, My Soul Be Still

Do we need to enjoy a little stillness in our hearts and lives this morning? Stillness pushes back the world and opens our spirits to God’s gracious sanctifying work. In to Thy silent place of prayer The anxious, wandering mind recall Dwell ‘mid Thy own creation there, Restoring, claiming, hallowing all. Then the calm spirit, […]

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