A Really Full Life


cave opening into light

  God does work in strange ways.   At least in my life. Strange, but disguised as natural.  In this case He has held in reserve for the perfect time a needed word and then delivered it at the time when it would have maximum impact for heart comfort, mind clarity, and soul peace. I missed the entry for June 11th in an ancient tattered devotional I’m reading through—yet another time. It’s… Read More

Ever feel like you just can’t figure out what God is up to in your life?   You know He’s there, in the background—at the control panel, pulling levers & pushing buttons, but from your end it feels random. And frankly, you’re wondering about the outcome. I mean—what’s the plan here? Please tell me there’s a plan.   You’re not alone. We all feel that way sometimes. It puts us in good… Read More

Some of you know that we’ve hit a few bumps in the road around our house. First we found a mama rat and her brood in our garage. Several months ago we decided to paint our house and scheduled it for the first of June. Last week, or whenever—I’ve blocked it out like the events surrounding a car accident–we found a leak under a refrigerator and MOLD. Now I have workmen swarming… Read More

When life begins to take me to school I feel like staying home sick. Especially when I know I’m repeating a course that I’ve failed before. Meeting the steep uphill parts of life gets frustrating and makes more than just my calves hurt. What changes if I began to think VERY DIFFERENTLY about the uphill portions? If I turned the tables on the difficulty and the frustration and the UP-HILLNESS of it… Read More

Has Jesus called you out of the boat to walk on water? If you’ve known Him very long, He has. He’s still in the business of training disciples and He knows just how to raise the storm and make the waves crash all around us. And if we have any curiosity about greater faith and walking toward Him, He calls us to get out of the boat and move toward Him. When… Read More

I apologize for any typos in this post, but I had macular surgery on my left eye on Monday and I’m not suppose to read. I wanted to let those of you that follow this blog know why I haven’t been posting this week. The very worst part of this kind of surgery is the requirement that you remain in a Face Down position for 5-7 days after surgery. I have this… Read More

When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: Psalm 126:1-2 What are you waiting for? In every heart there’s a longing. A yearning that waits. It’s just out of your grasp, just beyond your control, so you wait. Maybe you’re waiting for more light to show you the way. Or for a door… Read More