Take Off: What Isn’t Done, Stays Undone

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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you.

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, Take Off:  What Isn’t Done, Stays UndoneThere’s a strange relief when you finally take off on a long trip.  I don’t mean relief that the plane took off safely, I’m talking about the absolutely wonderful feeling that whatever didn’t get done is beyond being dealt with, by me anyway, and can wait until I come home.

Everything becomes like clothes in the ironing basket.
Not actually forgotten, but totally ignored.

We’ve traveled thousands of miles, hundreds of thousands by now, I’m sure.  You’d think I’d be a world class packer by now, but boy would you be wrong!  I hate the  week before a trip.  The fact that we’re going to extreme weather doesn’t make it any easier.  I make lists and start collecting everything I think I might need only to realize that there is no way to fit it all in my suitcase.  It’s a math problem involving cubic measurements and difficult formulas the likes of which Einstein couldn’t solve.  And if I did fit it all in, there’s no way I could maneuver the thing up & down escalators or through customs in an airport in a third world country.

What’s essential for this trip?

  • A sense of adventure and a secret prayer that this time in Africa I’ll see some cool animals like elephants.
  • A sense of humor because we’ll all be together for 6 weeks in harsh conditions and not many bathrooms.
  • My Bible
  • My Nikon
  • My Notebook & pens
  • Skittles for the village children ~ I want them to like me.
  • The gospel for the unbelievers and the truth to live by for believers.
  • My dancing shoes because in African churches ~ well, as one pastor put it, “Now we shall move ourselves.”
  • Love.  Lots and lots of love for people I don’t even know.

We’ll spend a lot of our time in the bush which is the southern portion of the Sahara Desert.
It’s a tough environment in good times and can be a real challenge in the dry season.

, Take Off:  What Isn’t Done, Stays Undone
, Take Off:  What Isn’t Done, Stays Undone
Church can be under a tree or under a banana & palm leaf roof.

, Take Off:  What Isn’t Done, Stays Undone

, Take Off:  What Isn’t Done, Stays Undone

 My grandson was fortunate enough to see elephant when he went with my husband!

, Take Off:  What Isn’t Done, Stays Undone

But we’ll spend some time in Accra a city of 4 million.
There are over 60,000 children who live as orphans on the streets.
We’ll have to see about that.
We’re praying for an open door.

Religion that is pure and genuine in the sight of God the Father will show itself by such things as visiting orphans and widows in their distress and keeping oneself uncontaminated by the world.
James 1:27

Do you know God gave a portion of the reward to those who ‘stayed by the stuff’ while others went off to war?  Even though you might not be on this trip with us, you can play a part.  Prayer supports ministry at home in your church and across the world.  We’d be honored to have your prayers for God’s blessing.

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  1. Kelly Grace says:

    You’ll be in my prayers too. Do you remember the story of me trying to get the photo of the No Weapon sign on a little shop in Takorati on our trip last year? We got stuck in traffic on a one way street and had to go past it 3 times. On the 3rd time I got a clear shot at it. XOXO

  2. Kelly Grace says:

    Thanks for the link. Last year when we went from 4 weeks in Africa to 5 more weeks in Italy we did the Rick Steve’s one suitcase thing. Thanks for your prayers too. Watch for updates and maybe some good photos.

  3. Marissa Aschinger says:

    My prayer for you & Gary is that our generous, kind and loving Lord Jesus would use you both to change the course of all those you minister to as they take in the aroma of Christ in you both. Also, that no weapon formed against you by the evil one prosper in any way… being kept by the power of God! <3

  4. Jeanine C. says:

    I chuckeld when I read the part about packing because it is so relatable! I have yet to acquire the hidden art of packing lite! I did, however, find a link on Pinterest to a couple that traveled to 16 countries, in 6 months, experiencing 4 seasons, and took only a medium sized rolling suitcase ( it looked small to me!), a backpack, and messenger bag each! Here is the link: A girl can dream!

    Prayers go with you on this trip around the world. Looking forward to hearing and seeing your experiences!

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My passion is to help you discover how God’s word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships, and your influence in the world around you. 

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