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You’ve landed on my Archive Page. A page of my website that I honestly don’t understand. I know the purpose of web page archives is to display every post I’ve written by category. Here’s more on why an Archive Page is a big deal if that’s your jam.


My big problem is that I don’t know technically how to make all my blog posts appear on this Archive Page without entering each one individually. I was planning on taking on that task and then I realized there are more than 370 blog posts that should be on my Archive Page. So, friends, that seems like a really tedious undertaking. And maybe nobody cares. Maybe not a single human being will ever visit this Archive Page. It may be a bots only crawl space.

But you did!!! You came. Hurray for you and because you cared enough to check out this archive page, I won’t let you leave empty handed. Let me share a kind of website Pirate’s Map. It will take you to the X-Marks the Spot location of any blog post you’re interested in. Ready for the Pirate’s Map? Read on. . .

Along the top navigation menu of my homepage you’ll see five options: HOME, ABOUT, PODCAST, BLOG and CONTACT. If you click on BLOG you’ll go to my BLOG Homepage. There you’ll discover a listing of 4 categories: FAITH, MARRIAGE, PARENTING and PODCAST. My blog posts all fall into one of those categories. That is, now they do. It wasn’t always this way. In the beginning there was a lot of randomness and chaos. But, I’m working on decluttering and organizing that chaos and hoping the menu is kind of web page archives hack.

I’m still in the process of going back through blog posts dating from 2013, the year I began blogging. BTW, my blogging adventure began because my son-in-law thought I would be a good writer and he gave me a blog for Christmas. I digress. . . It’s incredibly humbling to see what a newbie I was and how little I understood the amazing opportunity a blog offered me as a spiritual mentor for Christian women. Instead I blogged as a grandmother, a traveler and even a clumsy poet. It’s a dumpster fireback there, a hot mess and a lot like shopping the Sale Bin at T.J. Maxx. Enter at your own risk.

I was going to simply delete many of those old posts and then I read that Google Search, the harsh and mean Internet Librarian, really didn’t like that maneuver. Google likes to keep every published page and post and really prefers them as archived web pages. Not that I care a lot about Google Search’s preferences, but they control what you can find on the Internet, so yeah, I do care a little. End of story, Google wins and so it’s all still there in the dusty dark stacks at the back of my website BLOG section. Every cringe-worthy post I’ve ever written. All of the ones with broken links and no image or assigned category or even a single keyword. I’m still breaking Google’s heart by not having a tidy Archive Page.

But if you’ve read this post this far I think you deserve a bonus. I wish I could give you some of the best cookies I have ever made, or even a Starbuck’s gift card, but I can’t do that in a post, so I’ll share with you the most widely read and shared post I ever wrote. So far:) at least. I still keep trying to top it.


And I’ll share a little backstory. That post was completely spontaneous and took about 8 minutes to write. It’s short, but it’s also the post that God used to show me that I could actually bless others with divine truth in a blog post. It was a gigantic aha moment and the first step on a new journey for me and my blog.

The blogging experts say every post should have a CTA. That’s a Call To Action. Something you the reader should do in response to the post. Those peeps are almost as bossy as Google, right? Why should you have to do anything? But just in case you want to do something I’d suggest you snag one of the free offerings I have on this website. The first is a Spiritual Self-Care Guide and the other is 25 Powerful Tips for a Better Marriage Now. You can also sign up for a Newsletter which was originally conceived of as a monthly thing, but last year I wrote just 2. Lame, right? But I might do better in 2023. Hope springs eternal.

Last of all I want to mention the little pink Screamer Bar at then top of my Homepage. That’s where you can find the link to actually buy my ebook. Exciting huh? I know you’re probably texting friends right now to let them know. It’s called How To Have That Hard Talk With Your Man and it’s $7.00. It’s the best way I know to move from conflict to connection over a prickly recurring area of conflict. You know the big three areas of conflict in marriage: Money, Sex and parenting. If you’ve got an issue that resurfaces over and over and never gets resolved then do yourself a favor and BUY the ebook. Read it and apply it and if it doesn’t work I’ll refund your $7.00, but if it does then you’ll find you’ve discovered a new way to make your marriage a happier one.

If you’d like to connect over Social you’ll find me on Instagram @kellygrace

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25 Powerful Tips for  a Better Marriage Now

These actionable tips will help you to create a better marriage starting today. A perfect marriage is a myth, but a better marriage is a choice!

“When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.” - Proverbs 31:26


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