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When I sit down to create a post I do it with you in mind. But the touchstone that links us is my memories of my younger self as a wife, mom and as a new Christian trying to do it all and get it right. Inside the posts are the concepts, the truth and the action steps I wish I’d known then. I pray they’ll  ease your overwhelm, boost your joy and help you grow in grace.

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God Has 14 Carat Plans For You

[getty src=”159615156?et=PUYEkC2SQVZjzgyz0c51lw&sig=kjshV8sUJCPZk0g4yr9aQANIOkg-Z9lp87mzDKdRA0Y=” width=”439″ height=”390″] Ever feel like you just can’t figure out what God is up to in your life?   You know He’s there, in the background—at the control panel, pulling levers &

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The Raw Potato Solution

[getty src=”147205777?et=opW_Oh1eQodBeP-6SPwzwA&sig=Em1t_sXN9xo3jLi8deHgbXlAIjEy3GaLCaL5w4ZhlpI=” width=”478″ height=”359″]   Is there anything better than finding a simple solution to a difficult problem? We all have them, difficult problems that is. The frequent frustrations and battle fatigue that come

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6 Wardrobe Essentials God Suggests For Thanksgiving Day

[getty src=”182228001?et=TVG533dsTppLcFCzETO8GQ&flyout=on&sig=VpRkb_NGi8bMb0n_qm3Pib6fP0YwNCrTyP8yYIzagB0=” width=”338″ height=”507″] What to wear for Thanksgiving? When I was a kid we all wore our best for Holiday events like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It was part of the tradition that

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Enjoying Thanksgiving Even If THAT Relative Comes

[getty src=”879105-008?et=JEEHUXJXTm1rDkG-DOdxYA&flyout=off&sig=HQrNww9NcIL7nY9rrQsHj04WPdZfhZ4YlY4chE9jncU=” width=”500″ height=”341″]   Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving or secretly dreading spending time with a certain person who’ll be there? The Holidays mean family gatherings and that can create its own

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Getting To Why Leads You To A Meaningful Life

[getty src=”143919450?et=vRogbgbGR-VC65hVUkaxSA&flyout=on&sig=NLo4vgyjubXVWVhabixB5EWeyUISoqtfNBBc9pf7jTY=” width=”507″ height=”338″]   We all long for a meaningful life. Making it happen is like making good Holiday Fudge, you gotta have quality ingredients and the right environment. Then there’s the process. Assembling the

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Want To Hear From God? You Control The Volume!

[getty src=”157738607?et=8KPTU26MQiV1hIGs8iBYLg&similar=on&sig=Qw4WLRzz9j225hVRE05qpDv6QwMgd-QgXHHvsnJtiCU=” width=”414″ height=”414″] Do you want to hear God’s voice more clearly? You can. It’s that simple. You and I control the volume. We have to turn down the outside noises.   The

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