The Raw Potato Solution

  Is there anything better than finding a simple solution to a difficult problem? We all have them, difficult problems that is. The frequent frustrations and battle fatigue that come with raising small children. The lonely corners of a marriage, and every marriage, even a really good one, has them. Politics at work, disillusionment at […]

My Superpower is Prayer, So Is Yours

What is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Prayer!   This is Pastor John. He’s a Christian pastor among the Fulani in northern Ghana.  He is soft spoken and seems very kind and patient.  I visited his village and ministered to the […]

Are You Feeling Weak? Here’s Why That’s Excellent.

  What do you do, how do you react when your strength isn’t equal to the task? Driving through a village in Ghana I saw this little girl trying to lift this large plastic container. It’s too heavy for her.  She’s too weak to get it up on her head and follow her Mom. But […]

6 Wardrobe Essentials God Suggests For Thanksgiving Day

What to wear for Thanksgiving? When I was a kid we all wore our best for Holiday events like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It was part of the tradition that made the day special and memorable. The menu was unique featuring delicacies and dishes that only made an appearance a few times a year.  China […]

Want To Hear From God? You Control The Volume!

Do you want to hear God’s voice more clearly? You can. It’s that simple. You and I control the volume. We have to turn down the outside noises.   The ambient noise level in our lives is in our control more often than we think. Sure there are lots of hours of the day when […]

No News Is Good News!!! Unless It’s About God.

  What’s the old news adage; if it bleeds, it leads?   About 25 years ago a journalist named Eric Pooley first commented on the disturbing trend he had noticed in local news. Returning from nine weeks of ministry in small villages throughout Ghana, West Africa—this is one of my first thoughts as I return: […]

You Don’t Want To Limit God, Do You?

  Are you at your spiritual BEST? When I’m in Africa I feel like my spiritual life gets expanded about 1000%. I don’t know how you’d ever measure it, but I know I feel more spiritually energized and effective. I want to feel this way all the time, even when I’m back at home in […]

Carry Your Burdens Without Getting Crushed: 3 Essentials Strategies

You never hear people talk about their burdens anymore.   I think the word has all but disappeared from our collective vocabulary.   We have a whole new set of hyphenated word pairs describing the feeling, the result, and the supposed source of what we used to call burdens. We don’t have burdens, we’re just […]