The Raw Potato Solution

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Is there anything better than finding a simple solution to a difficult problem?

We all have them, difficult problems that is.

The frequent frustrations and battle fatigue that come with raising small children.
The lonely corners of a marriage, and every marriage, even a really good one, has them.
Politics at work, disillusionment at church, financial strains or physical maladies—it seems like there’s always something conspiring to lick the frosting off the cupcake of life while we scratch our heads looking for a solution.

For instance, recently a lightbulb broke off in the socket of my exterior Entry light fixture.
The thing hangs about 10′ above the ground and has a small opening at the bottom.
There’s not much room for maneuvering a hand or using a tool inside the fixture.
Removing the metal lightbulb housing still stuck in the socket and guarded vigilantly by the remaining shards of glass was not gonna be a snap.

Also, I have a phobia about getting electrocuted.

My husband finally prevailed because he’s totally brave and used a piece of Rubbermaid non-slip shelf liner to get a safe grip on the bulb, but there was an even easier solution—if I’d only known about it.

Later I Googled my broken lightbulb problem and up popped what I call The Raw Potato Solution.
It’s just what you imagine.
Take a raw potato and cut off the end exposing the firm and starchy inside.
With the electricity turned OFF, stick the potato onto the protruding shards of glass and unscrew it from the socket.

I haven’t tried it, but it sounds elegantly simple because potatoes are affordable and ubiquitous.
I’ve waited about 42 years to use that word in a sentence.
What a relief.
Anyway. . .


Thinking about life’s problems I found myself wishing there was a Raw Potato Solution for more of them.

There is, but I just hadn’t thought of it that way until now.
Maybe you haven’t either.

Prayer is a Christian version of The Raw Potato Solution.
Think about it.
Prayer costs us nothing because God, by grace, has given us access to Him continually. (Romans 5:1-2)
He’s always willing to hear us and help us. (1 Peter 5:7)
Prayer helps us handle the sharp edges of our lives. (Psalm 34:19)
The broken parts that aren’t working right.
People and situations that we can’t get a grip on are the perfect subjects for the Raw Potato Solution of Prayer. (Psalm 18:16-18)

  • You can translate every frustration into a prayer for kind-patience.
  • Let your unspoken fears be transformed into statements of faith because you know God intends to work in people and situations to bring about good. (Romans 8:28)
  • Confess your broken, not yet Christlike attitudes and ask for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

God doesn’t expect you to handle on your own everything that comes into your life.
In fact, the troubles we have in life usually work to draw us closer to Him.
Jesus said we’d have trouble in this life, but He promised us His peace and joy. (John 14 & 15)

Say your prayers, talk to God about your troubles, you’ll find it’s even easier than peeling a potato.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


    • I think I remember making a battery with a potato. Again, electricity freaks me out 😉 I prefer to think of it more like a vegetable tool. Thanks Ellie for reading and commenting. I have been so busy lately that I’ve almost forgotten I had a blog, but I found I really miss writing and the interaction with my fellow WP bloggers.

  • Well it sure is good to see your smiling face. I love getting your post Kelly. You write so well. I always enjoy reading them and hearing from you.

  • What a joy to read your words again, Kelly. I LOVE your analogy and solution for the sharp, jagged-edged issues we face daily.

    As I read your words, I could see God using the analogy on me: “Take a raw potato and cut off the end exposing the firm and starchy inside. With the electricity turned OFF, stick the potato onto the protruding shards of glass and unscrew it from the socket.”

    Before God called me to Him, I had everything I needed to be a light–He created me after all– but I was working with the broken bulb of my past. God ‘s firm hand grasped the protruding shards of my life and removed them bit by prickly bit. He gave me Jesus, The Light, so I could use His light to be a light to others. So I could serve my purpose. So I could share His message of Salvation.

    My prayer is for all those lights with broken bulbs to find the willingness to undergo the transformational power of God’s work in their lives, so they can truly understand what it means to live an electrifying, illuminating life.

    Thank you, Kelly, for sharing this with us today. I am grateful for what God put on my heart as a result of your words.

    • I’m thankful too Heather that God pursues us and then fills us with His Spirit so that the light of His love and His Son can shine from our lives to others 😉 Such a blessing and a privilege! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • My favorite part: Let your unspoken fears be transformed into statements of faith because you know God intends to work in people and situations to bring about good.

    • Thanks Paula, that’s a little practice I’ve learned over the years of walking with Jesus. It’s amazing how much it changes my perspective—how much it changes me;)

  • I’ve heard of prayer journals and prayer warriors, but never prayer potatoes! Daily communication with God makes the petitioning of difficult prayers easier, but there have been times when the help of a something like your “potato” analogy has been necessary for me to even approach God. Nice post.

    • I know a little of your story Gene and when God takes a person through a dark and narrow passage sometimes just exhaling His name is all that can be managed. But, the Spirit knows our too heavy burdens and He Himself lifts the contents of our unformed petitions to God on our behalf. He is, after all, the other Comforter Jesus promised.
      I’m humbled by your comment. This little post was intended to help the frazzled Mom and the guy dealing with a tyrannical manager at work. Just a light hearted reminder that prayer is always the answer no matter what the problem. If it could ever be of help to anyone in greater distress, well then . . .thanks.


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