A Really Full Life


Today the words to an old hymn have been on my mind. I need thee every hour, O precious Lord. But need and longing are not the same, and God wants to be wanted. He waits to be wanted. Not for what He can do for us, or give to us, but to be wanted only for Himself. As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you,… Read More

Does your love for God sometimes seem small? Maybe you’ve discovered as I did that we can’t generate it ourselves. It grows out of our perception of His love in our lives. The best way I’ve found to keep loving Jesus is to keep noticing His love in my own life. The big and ‘small’ ways He demonstrates His love every day. Years ago I was lost. And I knew it. I… Read More

What’s the use of loving someone in a way that doesn’t feel like love to them? My daughter told me about a book the Young Marrieds group was reading. It’s about how to effectively communicate your love in a way the other person actually perceives as love. You’re speaking their language! That got me thinking. I want to love God in the way He wants to be loved. Today I was reading… Read More