A Really Full Life


  “After eight hours of watching helplessly while my own inane, manneristic doodles overstepped their margins and covered the pages I was supposed to be writing, I gave up.  I decided to hate myself, to make popcorn, and read. Annie Dillard, The Writing Life   This made me laugh, but hiding behind the humor is something very telling. “. . .I decided to hate myself. . .” That’s actually a good way… Read More

Post title is a quote from legendary Green Bay Packers’ coach, Vince Lombardi. Tomorrow, you promise yourself, things will be different, yet, tomorrow is too often a repetition of today. And you disappoint yourself again and again. James T. McKay Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein A man who chases two rabbits catches none. Roman Proverb I have a deadline looming. The first… Read More