Simply The Best Definition of Procrastination Ever!

  “After eight hours of watching helplessly while my own inane, manneristic doodles overstepped their margins and covered the pages I was supposed to be writing, I gave up.  I decided to hate myself, to make popcorn, and read. Annie Dillard, The Writing Life   This made me laugh, but hiding behind the humor is […]

Celebrating Fresh Paint, The Death of Mold, & Grammar Bloopers

The mold is dead, the plastic containment tarps have come down, and the painters have finally packed up their demon possessed air compressor and left me some peace and quiet for blogging! I wrote something yesterday that didn’t strike the right chord with a fellow blogger. My bad. But it reminded me how easy it […]

Getting The Words Out I’m currently gobbling up three books on Writing. Highlighters are strewn on the coffee table and kitchen counters. A while ago I gave you a link to and an article titled Getting Unstuck. Here’s another article, chock full of the collected wisdom of great writers, from the fabulous Brain Pickings. If you want […]

The Unwelcome Truth About Writer’s Block

Ever had Writer’s Block? The dread of all dreads for wordsmiths and the rest of us who want a written record of our brain/heart musings. Somehow today I made my way across the Internet to and an article called Getting Unstuck. Lots of good stuff here, so these folks know a thing or two […]


The crack team of copywriters over at Copyblogger have been hard at work making this Infographic for us blogger types. Like any good recipe a blog post needs all the ingredients to end up appetizing and amazing. Show ’em some WP love by sharing it. Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from […]

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Please read to the end, or at least scan through to the end. I added some good stuff there that you don’t want to miss. It’s more good stuff about Blogging. Just because we’re among family here on WordPress doesn’t mean that “others” never see what we write. Others seeing it is part of the […]

Copyblogger’s Essay Contest or Blogging in Public

A few months ago I found a site called Copyblogger. I want to get better at blogging and the fastest way to do that is to become a better writer. I think the next step is to understand the structural elements that make a blog ‘user friendly’. I’ve started paying closer attention to the design […]

Alone Again Naturally All the big kids are gone. They hadda go back to school. I hate school days cuz there’s nobody to play with. There’s four of us and I”m the littlest one. This year Charlene goed to school. Now I have to wait all day for somebody to play with. When Momma comes to the […]