Tell Us The Story of Your Life

On this beautiful Saturday I’m giving thanks for life. For my life. And yours.   Currently I’m trying to get permission to read to Seniors in several local Assisted Living Centers. I’ll read stories, but I’ll also hear them. The life stories, told in snippets and out of order, but carrying the passion, joys and […]

Saturday Afternoons

  What’d you do today? Chores, errands, coach your kid’s baseball game? Did your day feel like another day at work, but without pay? Don’t hate me, but today was fun. I felt a little like Huck Finn playing hooky from school. I have all these flowers waiting to be artfully arranged in my big […]

An Eye Full of Moon in the Winter Night Sky

Why is the moon so cool looking in winter? Minute Physics has the answer in this entertaining tutorial. Want your kids to like Science? Of course you do, but who has time for that project, right? Now there’s professional help available!!! Minute Physics can help your kids (and you) see why Science is cool and […]

Weekend Refresh & Reset

All week I’ve been collecting links for your weekend. Some of you have awful weather this weekend and will probably be inside.  Games are a good way to pass the hours and this is a game that has succeeded in the impossible:  luring kids away from TV and electronics.  We always take this on Family […]

Hitting Refresh: How to Use a Saturday

Begin with Get Up and Get Out Pick a fun destination Find something good to eat Make some new friends Spread out a blanket and enjoy the view Find something else good to eat See some Fall colors Don’t get home in time to do any chores Snuggle up on the sofa with those you […]

Movie Review: THE WAY, WAY BACK

Go see this film. It’s heart-warming and thought provoking. Duncan, Liam James, is the engaging 14 year old who anchors the other characters to the story line. He’s more grown up than the adults in his life. Steve Carell, who has played a caring yet distressed parent in ‘Dan in Real Life’ and ‘Crazy, Stupid, […]

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