A Really Full Life


I can still taste the creamy strawberry Ben & Jerry’s that tickled my tastebuds on a cold February afternoon. It wasn’t an ‘ice cream’ day, but then Ben & Jerry’s isn’t just ice cream. Known as a Vermont Original the quirky names and flavors have an appeal that make Hagen Daz seem pretentious. Vermont churns out small unique home-grown companies that frequently become mega-stars almost as fast as Ben & Jerry’s churns… Read More

Yep, I’m the only one awake on this plane not wearing a Lufthansa uniform. I’m lousy at sleeping on planes. It is frankly a weird feeling, but when out of boredom I raise the window shade I realize the upside. For the first time ever we are flying over the Great Sahara in daylight. Flying over the Sahara I had to acknowledge what a good thing it was that I can’t sleep… Read More

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/zero-to-hero/  ‘Selfie’ was the word of the year in 2013,  so here I am last Spring in Italy.   I’m participating in The Daily Post’s Zero to Hero: 30 Days To A Better Blog Challenge ~ even though I can’t type that title without cringing. The tasks they assign will force me to access some of the WordPress features I haven’t used and want to learn.  In less than two weeks we… Read More

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/writing-challenge-1000-words-four/ All the big kids are gone. They hadda go back to school. I hate school days cuz there’s nobody to play with. There’s four of us and I”m the littlest one. This year Charlene goed to school. Now I have to wait all day for somebody to play with. When Momma comes to the store I can’t make the merry-go-round go. I’m to little. And when she comes out the store… Read More

Some days you just can’t go on. Some days you have to give up and live to shop another day. One hot summer Saturday we got in the car to drive to Dallas and go shopping at the fabulous Galleria Mall. This was Dallas in the years of Dallas on TV. Big hair and shoulder pads Dallas. Neimen Marcus Dallas. By a strange quirk of fate my Mom’s real first name is… Read More

I’m following the suggestions from the Crack Team at WP Weekly Writing Challenge. I’m stepping outside my comfort zone. I’m pushing the envelope of my skill set. I’m expanding my boundaries. I decided to participate in this Daily Post Weekly Challenge and give visual expression to a series that’s been banging around in my head. My problem is that I have no mad graphic design skills. I have no graphic design skills… Read More