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The thing that distinguishes an artist is the ability to appreciate the potential for beauty in things usually overlooked or discarded. This quirky piece of art sits along Interstate 5 south of Stockton. On a cloudy January day it was strangely beautiful standing in relief against the wintery yellow field and a foggy shroud of […]



Does A Christian Wife Still Have To Submit To Her Husband?

[getty src=”110873651?et=Ovc7e0YYRlh6_S7_6-7Ytg&sig=zsomPhGOoDQvQaJZVpPhu3XCDuCS3XnKjEUjylYWFgw=” width=”608″ height=”300″] You could say being a submissive wife is Retro, but most people, most American women anyway would say it’s a throwback to the Cavemen era or at least the Mad Men era.   I mean, we’re in a new millennium, a whole new era has dawned for women. Hillary Clinton may […]



I’d Like To Thank Those Who Helped Me

Who helped you grow into the person you are now? We’ve all had help getting where we are as people. Tonight as I watched The Golden Globes I listened to the winners thank their mentors. When I was a young wife and mother far from my own Mom God brought some special women into my […]



When Jesus Says I Will, Everything Changes

Whose life isn’t a handful? While He walked among us we made Jesus’ life a handful! My guess:  He loved every minute of it.  His answer to our requests was always “I Will.”  Even people who didn’t ask, think of Peter’s mother-in-law,  received a healing touch.  When the disciples, excellent sailors who knew the Sea […]



My Own Worst Enemy

“Who has a harder fight than he who is striving to overcome himself.” Thomas À Kempis If I didn’t know better I’d say that Oswald Chambers was out to get me. I read ahead in my little devotional and it serves me right. Just after Thomas À Kempis had weighed in, Chambers piled on. “God […]


laboratory rat


What I Learned About Parenting While I Taught a Rat to Play Basketball.

Like millions of others I spent Christmas day with my kids. My kids are grown and some of their kids are pretty much grown so today I watched them interact and thought about the people they’d become. It wasn’t like an out of body experience, but it was still a little strange. I found myself […]


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