A Really Full Life


     I love how David talked to his own soul. He speaks words of instruction and encouragement and reminders about the things that we are so prone to forget. At least I am. Until my selfishness and entitlement bubble up and seep out through the holes in my faith making a mess of everything. Then I remember what God never forgets. For He knows my frame. He remembers that we are… Read More

  Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving or secretly dreading spending time with a certain person who’ll be there? The Holidays mean family gatherings and that can create its own special brand of stress. Let’s face it, there’s one, at least one relative, in almost every family that tracks in drama when they cross the threshold. Old grievances, personality conflicts, real and imagined hurts, even unpaid loans can trigger ill will when… Read More

Holding on to hurt can weigh us down. This great photo and slogan reminded me just how easy it is to get free of the ‘icky’ feeling. Just, Let it go! That’s the essential part of forgiveness. Letting go of our right to punish another for hurting us. God does it for us all of the time! and forgive us our sins, just as we have forgiven those who have sinned against… Read More

Do you want to know the best preparation for Happy Holidays with your extended family? Learn the fine art of overlooking slights and offenses. The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. William James Family isn’t always easy. The holidays sometimes introduce added stress that can cause our emotional edges to fray a little. We expend a lot of extra time and energy in preparations, travel, and… Read More